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#FAQ – Let’s Get Paid Faster ✅

#FAQ – Let’s Get Paid Faster ✅

Q: “What’s the best follow up payment system to use to minimise unpaid invoices?”

A: Auto payment reminders are key. 👍

Start before the invoice due date! Set up a simple but friendly auto-reminder system, generally by email, and remind your client 3 days before their invoice is due. This usually sparks something.

Of course, post due date reminders should always be used too. A general rule of thumb: 3 - 7 days after due date… don’t let them drag the chain.

Haven’t heard boo? 😳 Then get on the phone and follow them up verbally. Most of the time, that'll do the trick.

If you still can’t track down your unpaid invoice… get speaking to our team at Standard8 Advisory and we’ll get you sorted ASAP!

📞 Give us a call on 1300 999 787

📧 Send through an email to

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