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Managing Christmas Finances

It's that time of year again. Small businesses can have it tough over the Christmas period - as businesses shut down, productivity slows and overheads continue.

With a week left to go before Christmas, it's important to make some smart finance decisions to keep cash flow steady.

In light of the Christmas season, here are some tips to prepare you for managing cash flow when holiday shopping this year:

1) Set a budget

Wherever possible, set a budget amongst your business colleagues and stick to it. This will minimise the need to over-spend if everyone is on the same page!

2) Think ahead

If you can, prepare lists of exactly what you want before you shop. In today's world this is so much easier thanks to the Internet - Google the item you want to purchase, jot down the price + continue till you've got something for everyone.

3) Get paid before Christmas

The Christmas season can be tough on businesses, but you shouldn't let unpaid invoices slide. That's where we can help!

Reach out to our team today to secure your unpaid invoices before the New Year.

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